Protostar Monosynth

Protostar patchable monosynth

New year, new progress, and a little blog redesign! :)

The instrument shown on the pictures is the Protostar patchable monosynth. It's a usable, but work in progress synth, with the following features:
  • 2 VCOs
  • 2 suboctave generator with square waveform, -1/-2 octave
  • Waveform mixer with noise (4 waveforms/VCO + sub) with gain to overdrive the VCF
  • Minimoog VCF clone
  • 2 VCLFOs with 4 waveform outputs.
  • 2 ADSRs (one for the VCF, one for the VCA)
  • 3 VCAs

The signal path is normalized, based on the traditional VCO-VCF-VCA signal routing of the classic monosynths. The LFOs is modulating the VCO's PWM, the ADSRs is dedicated to the VCF/VCA. All of the signals can be separated, all of the modules are possible to disconnect, thanks to the switching jacks.

Almost all of the modules are based on the great YuSynth designs, so thanks fly to Yves Usson!

Planned modules: Midi2CV (normalized to the VCO/ADSRs), mixers, multiples, external input preamp.

The front panels are laser engraved, made from anodized aluminum. The case is temporary.

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