Drum synthesizer - Finished

The case is ready, and all functions are working! :) There are small problems, but I will fix them soon.

It's really fun to play with it, especially the cross-modulation functions, and the triggering combined. It can produce sounds from funny, and simple synthetic "space" drum sounds, to agressive, and noisy, industrial drums, even cool analog bass sounds, and simple synth sequences! So much possibilities are in this "simple" instrument. :)

A little summary of the instrument:

Rebel D2 logo

Analog drum machine, and filterbox.

  • Two independent drum channels, based on Coron DS8 design.
  • Two Wasp VCF clones, with LP/HP/BP/Notch modes
  • External signal processing with the filters
  • Triggering with button, or external signal (audio, piezo pulse, etc.), led indicator
  • Inputs for VCO frequency CV
  • VCO frequency modulation (or cross-modulation), with VCF output of the other channel
  • VCF CV input
  • Separate outputs, or mixed out

Sound samples will follow soon!

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