Building the Minimoog VCF clone PCBs

As you can see, we are working hard! :) This time in the kitchen. :) I don't have a proper room for this, which is dissapointing, because i need to move the stuff in and out every time...
My son loves to poke with the tools, specially with the dangerous ones: hot, or sharp. :)

Usually i'm missing parts, i need to order a bunch of resistors, capacitors, etc. The VCAs, the ADSRs and the mixer boards also need them, so i'm writing a list.

Still, i need to build a PSU, with a +5V output for a midibox MIDI2CV unit.

Sooo much work to do!


Yusynth VCAs

Because of i'm tired of endless PCB drilling, i've decided to work on the 8 VCA boards. I'm currently missing many parts of this circuit, but it's fun to solder a bit. More news soon...