My first modular sound sample

I've made a patch on the modular, with 2 VCOs into the EMS VCF, and with 2 LFOs modulating the first VCOs pitch. The EMS VCF's output went out to the Behringer DSP, and then into the computer for recording.

Some manual knob twiddling...

YuSynth EMS VCF ready!

My first VCF is ready! The YuSynth EMS VCS3 diode ladder VCF clone is a cool sounding filter, and it has special resonance behavior. Based on the YuSynth section of the E-M forum, the value of the resistor R41 may need to reduced, to match the 2N3819 JFET characteristics. I can't able to reach self-oscillation with the standard 680K, so I reduced it to 220K and then
to 180K, which is finally correct.

The TL074 which I've used was faulty, so the control and the input levels are started to wiggle after a few minutes, and large amounts of noise went to the output. After some "air cooling", the levels are normalized, and the noise was dissapeared, at this point I've realized, that this opamp need to be replaced.


My first patch

Today, I've installed the two working YuSynth VCOs into the case. They are not calibrated yet, but for making fun, and some noise, they are perfect. :) The power input of the modules was directly wired to the PSU output pins, but later I will make proper power distributor PCBs.

I've used my existing gear to extend the capabilities of the basic 4 modules of my modular. I don't have a working VCF, so I've used the MAM Warp9 filter, and the Virtualizer, to effect the sound... it's so exciting! :)


My first working module!

Today is a good day for me. I've made success with the YuSynth LFOs! It's actually two LFO2's behind one panel. After hunting down and fixing some problems (a faulty 7555 and some panel miswiring), they are working good, and fully calibrated.

Some pictures of the process, and the completed module:

The case is a 'temporary' lame solution, and will be replaced with a bigger and better one later...


And the pots!

Here we come!