16 etched PCBs are ready

Eight LFOs and eight mixer panels is ready to drill. :) Lots of holes, so it will take a lot of time to complete this task.
In the same time, i'm prepared 4 Minimoog VCFs and 8 ADSRs to etch, and i'm designing the front panel graphics. This synthesizer will be a semi-modular one, like the GRP A6 or the bigger A8 model.


YuSynth LFO, Mixer PCBs

Finally back to the DIY modular business.
The next PCBs i'm making, is the YuSynth VCLFO and Mixer. This time i've made the process at home. In the future i will do this way.

PCBs in the FeCL:
The etched PCBs:
Next time i will make more LFOs, and new modules like S&H/noise, VCAs, ADSRs, Saw animators, some VCFs, Ringmod, Wavefolder, etc... a lot of work.

Updates soon.