Front panel prototyping

I'm designing my own panel layouts with the great free and opensource vector graphics program: Inkscape (available for Windows, Mac, and Linux!). This program creates SVG files, and with the clone function it's easy to draw consistent panel elements. For example, if I change the size of the original element, all of the clones resizing too.

I'm tested the layout, and it seems to everything is at usable distance. The graphics needs to be refined, but the dimensions are fine.


One half of the PSU

Hoooraay, two of the +15V supply rails are built up, and functioning! Each of them is capable of cca 500 mA, which is quite good for me. The red leds shows the 2 regulated output, and the yellow ones indicating the unregulated. Next time, of course I will finish the -15V side.


The PSU parts

We have done with the PSU PCB, and drilling is completed. My father helps me to complete this project, he has the experience for this. The PSU parameters are: +/-15V, 2x1A, with two 7815 and two 7915 voltage regulators.
We need to mount the aluminum heatsinks, the transformer, and then begin to solder.