The case

The case is almost finished! It only needs to be clear coated to protect the surfaces. It's very lame, made by me. :) The wood parts was taken from old furniture, shelves, and garbage. This case can hold 8x2 modules, totally 16 of my nonstandard sized modules. More pictures with the front panels coming soon! :)


My first real front panel

I've found a great article on instructables.com: How to etch aluminium panel with reusable acid. This method uses the same cheap acid, which is able to etch copper pcbs. This process is easy, and cheap, so here are the results of my test:

The first panel is not perfect, but usable! Some of the drawings are missing, but I'm satisfied. Finally, no more laminated paper or other shitty quasi-paneling tricks. :) Real aluminium, painted, and lacquer coated. :) Looks good, and feels good, and all DIY!