Magic Smoke 8K LFO

For the next module, which I want to build, i've needed a simpe LFO with speed control only. After hours of browsing the schematics, i've found Tim Servo's MSE 8K LFO. This circuit can do triangle and square waveforms, and it's high range, but with only one pot it's hard to fine tune on the lower end. The schematics shows a fine tune pot, but i don't want to include it, because of the limited front panel space.
It's very easy to build, only a TL072 or 074 opamp is needed. I've integrated a simple led driver too.
With polyester caps, the triangle waveforms are perfect, of course ceramics don't do it very well.
My version uses 1nF timing caps, and this gives 15 sec with the lowest pot setting, which is perfect for me.

More schematics, simple LFO's, and waveshapers for this LFO are here.

Thanks to Tim Servo, for his great work!

Dual LFO's on breadboard
Only a 1M Log pot, and an LED

Some power distributors added

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