The "Rebel.D2" drum synthesizer

I like to run projects in parallel, so there is my new idea: I want a simple, analog drum synthesizer.

I've built a Coron DS8 clone from Marc Bareille's schematics. I don't have CA3080 OTAs, so I've redrawn the circuit to use LM13700, and integrated a led driver for the incoming trigger signals.
After a few hours of playing with the DS8, I've realized, that this circuit can be enhanced with a VCF. The DS8 doesn't contains a filter, only the noise spectrum can be altered with a switch.

Because the DS8 is using +5V supply voltage, and the Wasp VCF also using this value, I've tried it, and built this combination, plus a piezo trigger pad into a temporary plastic case for trial.
This combination sounds wonderful, warm, and analog, but it also can be harsh, distorted and rude. This VCF simply mutiplies the possibilities of the DS8.

Then the idea of a simple two channel drum synthesizer was born:

I don't want to integrate any control circuit into this machine, only the CV/control/trigger jack sockets will be built in. The Wasp filters can be used for external signal processing, so this unit will be an integrated drum synth and a dual filterbox.

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