Building the Minimoog VCF clone PCBs

As you can see, we are working hard! :) This time in the kitchen. :) I don't have a proper room for this, which is dissapointing, because i need to move the stuff in and out every time...
My son loves to poke with the tools, specially with the dangerous ones: hot, or sharp. :)

Usually i'm missing parts, i need to order a bunch of resistors, capacitors, etc. The VCAs, the ADSRs and the mixer boards also need them, so i'm writing a list.

Still, i need to build a PSU, with a +5V output for a midibox MIDI2CV unit.

Sooo much work to do!


  1. :o)))
    Kende a vérbeli barkácsinas :oP

  2. Igen, nagyon keni a témát, csak azt nem szeretem amikor pl. összekarcolja a paneleket, meg veszélyes helyekre nyúlkál. :)) Szerencsére még nem dolgozom felszültség alatt lévő áramkörökkel, viszont akkor nem is venném fel az ölembe. :))

  3. Awesome! Pass your passion to your child and we'll keep the DIY Synth going into the next generation!

  4. Thanks YpsiSynth! I'm following your blog, to see your synths, they give me much inspiration, and mood, to continue my own modular.