YuSynth VCOs

I'm currently busy with the building of the YuSynth VCOs, and i've only left a few missing parts. I need to build a +/-15 V power supply too, to test the units.

I've changed the front panel design, and in the current form it only takes 100mm x 222mm (custom width, and standard MOTM height).

The parts i'm missing: tempcos, some trimmers, and a few styro capacitors. I plan to use LM394's instead of SSM2210 (which is costly), i hope the 1V/oct tracking will be good enough with these.

Todo's left: diode matching (1N4148), correcting some drilling errors to fix the headers, and a few soldering.

If everything is ok,i will build 4 more VCO's. :)

Big thanks goes to Yves Usson, to his great work, good documentation of the modular project, and the inspiration.

If you find this interesting, check out Michel van Osenbruggen's blog at http://synthnl.blogspot.com/ too. :)

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